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In most bibles Romans 10:4 reads:

"For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes."

That seems pretty straightforward, doesn't it? Christ is the cessation of the Torah, period.

Well, not really. The word translated "end" is telos (Strongs #5056), from which we get words like telemetry. Of the 42 times it is used in the NT, it means "cessation, finish, termination" only 4 or 5. The great majority of the time it means "goal, purpose, outcome, result." 1Peter 1:9 is a good example:

"receiving the end of your faith - the salvation of your souls."

It is antinomian Church Tradition which leads to translating telos as "end" in Rom 10:4. A better translation would be:

"Messiah is the goal of the Torah, for righteousness to everyone who believes."

Messiah-likeness has always been the goal of the Torah of faith. It still is.

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